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Sunday, February 13, 2011

NV Yalumba Museum Reserve Antique Tawny Port

I've tasted and rated this many times over the years, and I never take advantage of how delicious this wine is.  Absolutely wonderful flavors of plum, prune, fig, dark honey and light brown sugar.  The aromas of ripe plums, prune and fig come bursting out of the glass.  Swirling in the glass takes out the initial heat (in other words, don't pop and pour) and lifts the aromas straight to your soul.  This pairs wonderfully with many desserts such as cheesecake, toffee flavored cakes or chocolate, but can be enjoyed as a dessert itself.  If you're a cigar smoker, this would be a great accompaniment as well.  This wine comes in a 375ml bottle and I consider it a great bargain at under $20 US per bottle.  Consistently fabulous!

Score:  97

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